A Journey Into Bread Baking World

About this Blog

Different people have different reasons for baking bread at home. My reason is that I moved from my home country of Latvia to UK and found out that rye bread in UK is almost non-existent. I started reading information about rye baking and bread baking in general online, bought a few books about bread and my first loaf was born! Ugly and very far away from the taste I’m used to. But I didn’t stop there and got really obsessed with cracking the code behind great rye breads I love. Just two months later after my first bake I have finally made a bread I was dreaming about since I left home.

50/50 wheat/rye. First attempt on the left.Two months later on the right.

After baking different rye breads and sharing their pictures online I started receiving requests to share my recipes and techniques. Turned out rye related information is quite limited in English parts of the internet and there’s basically only one good book on the subject. So I got an idea to create a blog as a place to document my journey into this wonderful world full of flour, bacteria, and yeast, share my findings, recipes I’m using and everything else I can share about my new hobby.

But it’s not 100% rye here, I’m interested in other kinds of breads as well. And maybe some pastries from time to time. There might be some bread based dished occasionally too.

All of the photos you see in this blog (unless mentioned explicitly) are a work of emerging photo artist Kate Ignatjeva, check her web site for more details on what she’s up to!

I hope you will find something interesting and useful in my blog. If you have any constructive feedback or want to ask me any bread related questions, feel free to contact me over social media: Facebook and Instagram. Welcome and enjoy your read!

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